Croatian Lacrosse Cup

Croatian Lacrosse Cup 2022

Winner: Varaždin Royals

Varaždin Royals are your 2022 Croatian Lacrosse Cup champions! After trailing for most of the match an unexpected drop in performance from Zagreb Bulldogs enabled them to come from three goals behind and ultimately triumph in overtime with a score of 14:13. With this win Varaždin Royals secured their historical first trophy.

Croatian Lacrosse Cup 2021

Winner: Split Legion

The Croatian Lacrosse Cup officially goes to the Split Legion Lacrosse for the first time in history. Through the excellent leadership of captain Tin Čohadžić, president Goran Šošo and with the support of players from Slovenia and an excellent game of new young players, Split won the Croatian Cup for 2021.

Croatian Lacrosse Cup 2020

Winner: Zagreb Bulldogs

A turbulent year full of surprises ends in Split, as Zagreb Bulldogs take the spoils. An exciting encounter with Split Legion sees Zagreb winning the Croatian Cup.

Croatian Lacrosse Cup 2019

Winner: Zagreb Patriots

Split had the privilege of hosting this year’s Croatian Lacrosse Cup. Four team squared off in hopes of taking home the trophy. On one side – Varaždin Royals against Zagreb Bulldogs and on the other Split Legion against Zagreb Patriots. The biggest upset of the tournament happened in the first round – the Royals took the W against the new league champions and surprised everyone. On the other end, the Pats showed why they’re in the top of the rankings for 3 years straight and were victorious over the Legion. The battle for third place ended in the favor of the host – Split Legion. The final game saw the eager Royals take on the last years champion Patriots. Although the first half was an even match, unlike the story that unfolded during the regular season (where the underdogs Bulldogs won it all), the Zagreb Patriots put their foot down won the game with the score of 11:4. With that victory they became the first team to win back-to-back cup titles!

Croatian Lacrosse Cup 2018

Winner: Zagreb Patriots

The 2018 Croatian Lacrosse Cup was held in Zagreb. Four teams gave their best on the field in the attempt to win the cup trophy, but at the end, Zagreb Patriots continued their winning streak here, winning both games they played and finally winning the Cup trophy, thus becoming the first team in the history of Croatian lacrosse to achieve the domestic double.

Croatian Lacrosse Cup 2017

Winner: Zagreb Bulldogs

2017 Croatian Lacrosse Cup was held on the field near the Plitvice Lakes. All four teams were present for the event and four games were played. In the final game, Zagreb Bulldogs faced Zagreb Patriots, and in the close match between the two best Croatian teams, Bulldogs won the game and claimed the Cup trophy.

Player stats - all time

Amati, Alberto2
Balint, Sven43
Bennekum, Rutger van63
Boban, Stjepan1
Car, Joško1
Carella, Alessandro3
Coomes, Chris2
Čeperlin, Miha2
Danieli, Emanuele1
Dragonja, Uroš5
Erić, Dominik6
Ević, Joze2
Jankovič, Miha102
Kapetanović, Kristian91
Korov, Luka1
Kurtović, Ivan3
Lorenz, Ole1
Marunić, Bartul51
Miloradović, Goran11
Murarotto, Manuel31
Roglić, Matija1
Slipčević, Ivan1
Srezović, Bruno103
Stocco, Denis41
Štrkalj, Karlo1
Tirić, Kristian1
Ukeda, Toshimune6
Vulić, Fran42
Zaumanis, Ronalds86
Zorko, Jure1
Zrinščak, Marko21