Croatian Lacrosse League

Reigning champion: Zagreb Bulldogs

The oldest competition in the history of Croatian lacrosse, the Croatian Lacrosse League was founded in 2017, when four teams (2 from Zagreb, one from Split and one from Varaždin) decided to settle on the field who the best lacrosse team in Croatia was. Zagreb Patriots took home the deserving championship, and proved the following year they were the status quo, until 2019 when their rivals Zagreb Bulldogs decided to take home what was rightfully theirs.

Croatian Lacrosse Cup

Reigning champion: Varaždin Royals

Croatian Lacrosse Cup, alongside the CLL, is Croatia’s oldest lacrosse tournament. Started in 2017, the first Cup was played on the field of Croatia’s famous National Park Lake Plitvice, where Zagreb Bulldogs won the trophy. They would go on to win another in 2020, and are tied for the most trophies in the tournament with Zagreb Patriots.