On the 1st of June, the last round of the CLL was played in Zagreb.

Even though all eyes were on the Zagreb Patriots & Split Legion, in the end the underdogs – Zagreb Bulldogs, played 2 incredible games and took home the title!

Next up is the cup on the 15th of June, where the teams will battle it out for first place once again

1Zagreb Bulldogs - Split Legion7 : 5
2Zagreb Patriots - Varaždin Royals10 : 2
3Split Legion - Varaždin Royals6 : 0
4Zagreb Bulldogs - Zagreb Patriots3 : 2

Players (with at least one goal scored):

1Nikola VranešićPatriots125
2Filip SeverinPatriots102
3Miha JankovićPatriots76
4Fran NucakBulldogs70
5Ronald ZaumanisLegion61
6Adrian MorencyLegion52
7Domagoj HečimovićBulldogs50
8Fran VulićBulldogs45
9Filip HabekovićBulldogs43
10Lovro FrkovićPatriots41
11Moritz WachterLegion41
12Tin ČohadžićLegion31
13Randy PoulinLegion30
14Marko ČorokaloPatriots30
15Lovro NucakBulldogs23
16Bartul MarunićPatriots21
17Kristijan TirićBulldogs21
18David KastelicBulldogs20
19Christian LibersLegion20
20Janko VečerinaBulldogs20
21Marko ZrinščakBulldogs20
22Dominik ErićPatriots12
23Matej BodulRoyals11
24Bruno Srezović BjelićRoyals10
25Miloš IvaniševićRoyals10
26Nemanja LaganinRoyals10
27Ivan SeverBulldogs10
28Nikola ŠimunovićLegion10
29Julius WieshollerLegion10

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