ANNOUNCEMENT: SECOND ROUND OF THE CLA – This Saturday, the battle for the first historic Croatian Lacrosse Championship continues, as the four best Croatian teams cross sticks in an effort to garner more points.

The first two teams that will take to the field are the host Varaždin Royals against Split Legion. Only two teams that were left without points after the first round, will definitely see this game as an opportunity to get their first points and start their climb towards the top. Royals will also have to cope with the fact of losing their star goalie, Filip Batur, who in a controversial decision, transfered to the Bulldogs. This comes as a great opportunity for Split Legion who could exploit this fact by once again showing a great defensive effort, led by their All-Star defender Victor Hoursch and take three points from the Royals.

The second game will be a crowd pleaser, a long awaited big Zagreb Derby between Patriots and Bulldogs. A duel in which only a win will be regarded as a positive result and everything else as a dissapointment. The new Bulldogs aquistion, Filip Batur, will have to once again step up as he did in the first round if he wants to keep the Bulldogs head above water, since the Patriots dynamic duo Markov-Vranešić, will definitely be a force to be reckoned with.

The second round will conclude with Bulldogs playing against Legion and Royals against Patriots. You can follow live results directly via our facebook page or if you’re this weekend nearby Varaždin, the games will be played in Hraščića (ad. Ruđera Boškovića 11) face-off is at 1 PM. Entrance is free!

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