The boys are back!

The trip to Slovakia turned out great. Our team, which consisted of 18 native Croatians played against some great European teams, such as Germany, Latvia & the host of the tournament – Slovakia. Although we didn’t take home any wins, the last game against Slovakia showed what we’re capable of after just a few games of playing together!

The growth that we showed from game to game & the invaluable experience of playing against such teams, gets us one step closer to the level we want to be at the European championship next year!


Croatia : Slovakia3 : 8
Croatia : Germany0 : 11
Croatia : Latvia1 : 10
Croatia : Slovakia7 : 8 (OT)


We’re proud to announce the second phase of our 2020 ELF Men’s Lacrosse Championships Wrocław preparation.

This time we’re travelling to Slovakia Lacrosse Cup 2019 and go against some of Europe’s best teams.

More info soon!


The Croatian national team has successfully completed the National Team Challenge in Prague as preparation for the European championships in Poland 2020.!
During the 5 games we have shown our strength against several European teams, some of which are in the worlds top 20. We played great lacrosse and made the other teams earn their wins. Most of all we can be extremely proud of the fact that we are one of the rare teams, whose roster is mostly made up of natives!
With that in mind, we have a bright future ahead!


1.Norway : Croatia7 : 2
2.Croatia : Luxembourg4 : 9
3.Spain : Croatia5 : 2
4.Poland : Croatia6 : 3
5.Luxembourg : Croatia9 : 10


The third season of the CLL is behind us. It produced some great stories, but now it’s time we shift our attention to the national team and what awaits them.
The National Team Challenge will be held in Prague, on the 6th and 7th of July. A lot of great teams will be there, so it will serve as preparation for the upcoming European Lacrosse Championship, which will be held in Poland during July 2020.
We have no doubt it’s going to be a great experience for our guys and that they’re going to play their hearts out!
With all that said, we proudly present the roster that’s going to represent Croatia in Prague:


On the 1st of June, the last round of the CLL was played in Zagreb.

Even though all eyes were on the Zagreb Patriots & Split Legion, in the end the underdogs – Zagreb Bulldogs, played 2 incredible games and took home the title!

Next up is the cup on the 15th of June, where the teams will battle it out for first place once again

1Zagreb Bulldogs - Split Legion7 : 5
2Zagreb Patriots - Varaždin Royals10 : 2
3Split Legion - Varaždin Royals6 : 0
4Zagreb Bulldogs - Zagreb Patriots3 : 2

Players (with at least one goal scored):

1Nikola VranešićPatriots125
2Filip SeverinPatriots102
3Miha JankovićPatriots76
4Fran NucakBulldogs70
5Ronald ZaumanisLegion61
6Adrian MorencyLegion52
7Domagoj HečimovićBulldogs50
8Fran VulićBulldogs45
9Filip HabekovićBulldogs43
10Lovro FrkovićPatriots41
11Moritz WachterLegion41
12Tin ČohadžićLegion31
13Randy PoulinLegion30
14Marko ČorokaloPatriots30
15Lovro NucakBulldogs23
16Bartul MarunićPatriots21
17Kristijan TirićBulldogs21
18David KastelicBulldogs20
19Christian LibersLegion20
20Janko VečerinaBulldogs20
21Marko ZrinščakBulldogs20
22Dominik ErićPatriots12
23Matej BodulRoyals11
24Bruno Srezović BjelićRoyals10
25Miloš IvaniševićRoyals10
26Nemanja LaganinRoyals10
27Ivan SeverBulldogs10
28Nikola ŠimunovićLegion10
29Julius WieshollerLegion10


On the 27th of April, Split hosted the very best that Croatian lacrosse has to offer!
Great games were played, and the results were as follows:

1Zagreb Patriots - Split Legion3 : 3
2Zagreb Bulldogs - Varaždin Royals5 : 1
3Split Legion - Zagreb Bulldogs7 : 2
4Varaždin Royals - Zagreb Patriots0 : 15

Players (with at least one goal scored):

1Nikola VranešićPatriots82
2Miha JankovićPatriots76
3Filip SeverinPatriots62
4Fran NucakBulldogs60
5Adrian MorencyLegion42
6Lovro FrkovićPatriots41
7Moritz WachterLegion40
8Ronald ZaumanisLegion31
9Domagoj HečimovićBulldogs30
10Randy PoulinLegion30
11Lovro NucakBulldogs23
12Fran VulićBulldogs22
13Tin ČohadžićLegion21
14Kristijan TirićBulldogs21
15David KastelicBulldogs20
16Christian LibersLegion20
17Janko VečerinaBulldogs20
18Filip HabekovićBulldogs12
19Bartul MarunićPatriots11
20Matej BodulRoyals10
21Bruno Srezović BjelićRoyals10
22Nikola ŠimunovićLegion10
23Julius WieshollerLegion10
24Marko ČorokaloPatriots10
25Marko ZrinščakBulldogs10


Croatian lacrosse league is back!

On the March 30th 2019 first round of Croatian Lacrosse League 2019 was held in Hraščica. Four games were played between Croatian lacrosse teams. Significant improvement was seen between croatian teams – Zagreb Patriots continued their streak of not losing a game, but Split Legion came very close to ending their streak by playing an even match. Zagreb Bulldogs have tried their best, but Patriots have shown their strength once again by winning the match against Bulldogs with a final score of 6 : 4. Varaždin Royals came to the field ready with refreshed roster constisting of many new players, but they could not compete on the same level as other teams, ending the day with two loses. Next round will be held on April 27th in Split – You are all welcome, see you there!


1Zagreb Patriots - Zagreb Bulldogs6 : 4
2Split Legion - Varaždin Royals7 : 0
3Split Legion - Zagreb Patriots3 : 3
4Zagreb Bulldogs - Varaždin Royals10 :2

Players (with atleast one scored goal):

1Fran NucakBulldogs50
2Adrian MorencyLegion31
3Domagoj HečimovićBulldogs30
4Fran VulićBulldogs22
5Ronald ZaumanisLegion21
5Miha JankovićPatriots21
7Nikola VranešićPatriots20
7Christian LibersLegion20
7Filip SeverinPatriots20
7David KastelicBulldogs20
11Lovro NucakBulldogs12
12Tin ČohadžićLegion11
12Bartul MarunićPatriots11
14Matej BodulRoyals10
14Bruno Srezović BjelićRoyals10
14Nikola ŠimunovićLegion10
14Julius WieshollerLegion10
14Marko ČorokaloPatriots10
14Lovro FrkovićPatriots10
14Marko ZrinščakBulldogs10

CLL 2019 Announcement

Croatia Lacrosse is back!

We’re extremely proud to announce the return of the Croatian Lacrosse League for it’s third season!

Also, in the next few days and weeks we’ll be announcing more and more events and plans for 2019. So stick around to get the latest updates!!!


After summer break, Croatian lacrosse league season continues. On saturday, October 14th 2018, four games were played between the four league teams. Zagreb Patriots are getting very close to this season’s trophy, requiring only 1 point to secure the title of 2018 Champions. Zagreb Bulldogs were celebrating against Varaždin Royals, however, by losing the game against Patriots they are left 11 points behind the leaders. Split Legion showed us some solid teamplay and won a game against Varaždin Royals, scoring additional 3 points in the league. There are only two more rounds left untill the end of the season – Zagreb and Varaždin.

For full league statistics, visit the following link:


In times like these it’s hard to find proper words to explain what an amazing experience this was. Competing for the first time in such a major event with 45 other nations is something that will be remembered for years to come.

With 2 wins and 5 defeats, Team Croatia finished 43rd in the standings and will definitely look to build on this momentum going forward. Next time, Croatia will be a force to be reckoned with.

We would like to thank all of the players, staff, benefactors and every single person who was involved in this project from way back in 2011. up until now, without you, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Next stop: European Championship in Wroclaw, 2020.

Croatia - Spain9:12
Croatia - New Zealand2:16
Croatia - Chinese Taipei7:6
Croatia - Hungary3:15
Croatia - Bermuda1:10
Croatia - China10:15
Croatia - Turkey15:8